A New Beginning…

Does anyone ever else feel like an alien at school cause I know I do. I have been online schooled for the past couple of years (also known as homeschooled) due to my server anxiety and brain injury which is a whole other story.

 But I started going to a local high school part time. I hoped that school would be a different experience this time, that I would fit in and maybe want to go full time. I enjoyed it at the start but the longer I was at school the more I began to lose myself and what made me, well me. I was so focused on fitting in and being “normal” I didn’t see myself fading away. But no matter how hard I tried I never seemed to fit in. 

Then one day it finally clicked, school may be great for most people but not everyone. When I was around my homeschool friends I felt happy and like I could be myself. So I decided to take time off school, the longer I was away the more I realised how much school had squashed the little self confidence I had. It took me a while but I started to feel like me again. 

So I decided I was not going to return to school the next term, instead I am going to spend the time doing things I love. Filming videos, photography, cooking, creating and of course blogging. I am also going to focus more on online school and figuring out what I want to do with my life. So I now have a new begging which I am rather excited about!

What about you guys what do you love and do you feel like you fit in at school? 

Till next time E xx